Travel Checklist




Documents Checklists

  1. Passport
  2. Photocopies of Passport and other Important Travel Documentation
  3. Visa if needed
  4. Health Documentation
  5. Transportation Tickets
  6. Emergency Information
  7. Insurance
  8. Hotel Reservations
  9. Traveler's Checks
  10. Currency
  11. Credit or ATM Cards and their company 1-800 numbers if a card is lost
  12. Trip Cancellation/Medical Insurance
  13. International Driver's License if needed
  14. Special Event Reservations
  15. List of generic names for prescription drugs from your physician

Home Checklists

  1. Stop newspaper
  2. Notify neighbors of your absence
  3. Turn off water heater
  4. Stop Postal Service deliver
  5. Leave house key and trip itinerary with friends or family
  6. Store valuables in a safe place
  7. Arrange for care of pets
  8. Empty refrigerator of perishables
  9. Lock all doors and windows
  10. Arrange for care of landscaping and house plants
  11. Eliminate possible fire hazards (unplug appliances, etc.)
  12. Set up a timed lighting system
  13. Turn down thermostat
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