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PackingLight Classes and
Travel Seminars

Free Packing Classes
Holloway Travel Outfitters will continue a decades old tradition of providing free packing light demonstrations.  Come learn how to pack in just one suitcase for weeks or months at a time using our original thirty year-old method illustrated in our Informative Tools Page and first introduced by founder Gussie Holloway.  Discussion includes information on current travel news, outfitting yourself with the proper wardrobe and clothing fabrications, as well as what essentials are needed for your destination.

Where: Holloway Travel Outfitters
           1150 Fulton Avenue, Suite A
           Sacramento, California

When: Saturday, April 7th, 2010 at 9:30 a.m.

How Long Does the Class Last? Approximately one and a half hours

Please Call for a Reservation: 916-486-9170 or e-mail at

Free Travel Seminars
What are the Travel Seminars about? 
Seminars cover the entire world of travel.  For over five years, Holloway Travel Outfitters has invited guest speakers to come and discuss their particular area of travel expertise.  Discussions are often about a specific destination such as England, Italy, Australia, India, Panama, Costa Rica and many other countries; however, seminars have also covered such topics as airline safety, adventure travel, foreign language schools, travel for the disabled, safari's and international home exchange.

Upcoming events at Travel Outfitters:

Holloway Travel Outfitters presents Paul Tomasch of an Asian destination company called ICS Travel Group who will offer his expertise on the emerging travel destination, Burma/Myanmar.  Discussion will include the current political climate, the recent opening of tourism in the country, what historical and cultural landmarks are a must-see, and how best to travel to this once-forbidden Asian country.  Reservations are requested at 916-486-9170.

Where: Holloway Travel Outfitters
           1150 Fulton Avenue, Suite A
           Sacramento, California

When: Saturday, April 14th, 2010 at 9:30 a.m.

See our packing video link:

Please Call for a Reservation - 916-486-9170 or e-mail at
How Long Does a Travel Seminar Last?
Approximately one to two hours