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Travelon Worldwide Adapter and USB Charger with Surge Protection

Travelon Worldwide Adapter and USB Charger with Surge Protection
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Travelon’s Worldwide Adapter and USB Charger with Surge Protection is newly redesigned to offer the ability to charge via a new USB port. The multi-use item offers surge protection for power to notebooks and fax modems. Second, it charges mobile electronics, including cell phone, MP3 Player, digital cameras and PDA’s with the aforementioned USB port. In addition to the growing need for surge protection and the USB compatibility, the Travelon travel accessory provides four adapters for getting into foreign electrical outlets.

There are essentially five adapter prong configurations throughout the entire world. The Travelon Worldwide Adapter has the four primary adapter configurations and is compatible in more than 150 countries-- leaving out just the South African and Indian three round-pin adapter plug.

Compact and lightweight, the combination Travelon adapter and surge protector eliminates bulky multiple plug adapter kits. Pull apart the accessory and three adapters appear. Simply "twist" the two American-style prongs to a slanted position and you will have the typical adapter for Australia and New Zealand. Presto, you have four of the world’s most common adapter plugs.

Please note that adapters are nothing more than a way to "adapt" to the foreign electrical outlet. They do not fulfill the function of a converter/transformer which does the work of cutting in half the sometimes higher voltage found in most foreign countries so you can use your American-style 110 voltage appliance. Important: Adapters are simply a conduit for electricity and are only a plug on the end of your electrical cord. If you have a dual-voltage appliance that works on high and low (110 and 240 voltage) voltage you can get away with using just an adapter or the USB port. If you don’t have a dual-voltage travel appliance you will need a converter in addition to the Travelon Worldwide Adapter with Surge Protection sold here.

The good news for those traveling with a notebook computer, a cell phone charger, an IPod, or digital camera battery chargers, is that the battery chargers for roughly 98% of these mobile electronics are indeed dual voltage. This means most likely you will only need to utilize our offering without the need for a converter. Check your battery charger or instruction manual for the following dual-voltage indicating rating: 110/240 VAC If this specification applies to your appliance or battery charger you can use the Worldwide Adapter with Surge Protection to first, get into a foreign electrical outlet and second, to protect your notebook investment with its built-in surge protection. And hey, if you use a surge protector at home why not use this new "foreign" surge protector in a country with a greater chance to experience voltage surges? urges you refer to our foreign electrical department for further details on foreign electricity requirements.

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Travelon believes that design, innovation, function and attention to detail is the difference between a ho-hum product and really great travel accessories. Travelon strives to create travel goods that provide greater function and tremendous value and that keep with current travel demands. Over our home store's thirty years of providing travel goods, Travelon has been the number one innovator of accessories that are timely, appropriate and that make travel easier.

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