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Eagle Creek Pack-It System
Pack Easier, Smarter, Lighter, and Without the Bulk

Eagl;e Creek Adventure Luggage Sale

Experienced travelers know that organization is the key to smart travel. Eagle Creek's Pack-It System of cubes, sacs and folders have you arriving organized and with fewer worries. Now, Eagle Creek is introducing an ultra-light packing solution miring their age-old classic Pack-It System; their new, lighter weight Specter System of Pack-It Cubes and Folders are the latest packing innovation from Eagle Creek.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Garment Folders have achieved tremendous success in aiding travelers to organize their luggage. PackingLight suggests there are many ways to utilize the Pack-It Folders: Either fold the Eagle Creek way in the style of the cleaner's fold or bundle pack using our decades old system of packing and you will find the folders hold much more than you imagine.